Meet our Summer Staff – Kristian Avise-Rouse


Welcome back Kristian Avise-Rouse! This will be Kristian’s third summer on staff, and he will be serving in two capacities – Worship Coordinator and Counselor/Activity Specialist. He will be working closely with our volunteer chaplains to ensure that we have good music, engaging spaces and lots of support for worship and other faith-focused times.

Kristian is from Columbia and a member of St. Paul UCC. He attends Illinois Wesleyan University, where he studies Music Education and participates in a variety of music related activities – from vocal jazz to opera. Kristian served as a delegate from the Illinois South Conference to the UCC General Synod. His selection is an honor and a significant responsibility. Kristian attended summer camp at DuBois Center while growing up. He attributes much of who he is as a person to his weeks as a camper and his first summers as a counselor. In addition to finding mentors at camp, another mentor at school has made a significant impact on this life. Kristian wrote, “Every day this semester I have been more and more inspired by my choral director… He overcame a great deal of adversity to pursue his passion. He struggles with anxiety every day and has been open about how this affects his life. He reminds us every day to feel lucky to be alive and able to make music. His humility and passion for inclusion have taught me many important lessons to help me when teaching in the future.”

Kristian’s favorite foods are sushi and Raising Cane’s chicken; his favorite smell is brownies baking! One of his favorite memories from camp was the first time he was able to climb the now retired iceberg. “Many kids had trouble climbing (it), myself included. I felt like the king of the world once I made it!” In closing, Kristian wrote, “I grew up looking forward to my time at DuBois Center every summer, and I still feel that way. It is always exciting to meet new people and grow in experience and faith!”

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