Why International Staff?

International staff

Because they’re great! They provide a fresh perspective and are eager to experience life in the United States. Each summer, DuBois Center recruits 4-6 international staff members through camp-specific recruiting agencies and Eden Theological Seminary. This summer we are welcoming young people from Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and South Africa. With accents that make us smile, diverse vocabularies and stories from home, it’s easy to see why our international staffers are much beloved by campers and American staff alike.

We appreciate the perspectives they bring, the games and songs they teach us, and the unique opportunities they provide for our campers. The cultural exchange they facilitate is educational and, at times, entertaining – a favorite “game” is to check for reactions to American breakfast staples such as coffee cake or biscuits and gravy! Please keep Alice, Hayley, Jack, Kurtwynn and Troy in your thoughts and prayers as they make the long trek form their home countries to southern Illinois!

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