Winter Greetings from DuBois Center!



While the temperatures are cold and Cabin Fever is starting to set in, you can rest assured that we are feverishly planning our summer possibilities with full expectations to be able to serve you this summer!

What does this mean?

We are currently making preliminary provisions to offer in-person summer camps complete with many, if not all, of your favorite activities! After having to take last summer off, we know that many of you are more than eager to get back to your camp!

After all, this is your camp. Since 1965, we have been here for you. Each and every one of us has memories deeply embedded in the fabric that ties DuBois Center together. Even when we weren’t able to be in person last year, we were still here for you.

For 2021, we have up to four, yes four, potential options that offer DuBois Center in different lights — all contingent on the needs of the people, state of the current health situations, and governing authorities.

Plan A

First and foremost, our Plan A includes in-person summer camp options! If all goes to plan, we could begin welcoming summer campers the week of June 6. Exciting, right? Of course, we will have additional plans and protocols in place for enhanced safety measures. While our mission is to see all of our campers again, we need to be sure we can do that safely and effectively.

While we do have Plans B, C, and D on paper, we wanted to share with you now that Plan A is what we are aiming for and Plan A is in person!

Final details will be a bit delayed as we are having to adjust with the ever-changing climate, but please continue to look for emailed updates like this. Our website is also being revamped as we speak to ensure it has the most helpful and up-to-date information as possible. If we ever have to ‘toggle’ our focus from Plan A to anything else, our website will have the details you need.

Check In With Us!

If you are anxiously waiting for a mailed brochure, or at least something brochure-like, you are in luck! While we will be mailing summer promotions and schedules a bit later than normal, you should still receive mailed postcards from us in early spring! These postcards will highlight what we hope to offer and to provide you with something to stick on your fridge to remember us by!

Please follow us online, at for the most current information we have. Also, our Facebook and Instagram feeds are continually going as well. If you need to contact us, our phone number is the same at 618-787-2202, you may also email to



DuBois Property Policy during this transition time…


Please note: The Conference Council has closed the DuBois Center grounds to everyone except maintenance and animal care staff until such time as a new Acting Director is hired. While we have people on the grounds, they cannot supervise visitors or do the COVID-level of cleaning required to host guests of any kind right now. This reduces liability and safety issues for both people and property. We all know and enjoy the beautiful campgrounds, and we expect to open them again very soon.

Spring and Summer Programming…


Although we will likely not have programming in the winter months, Outdoor Ministry Team along with Executive Committee, and Conference Council will be working together to determine the programming for late Spring and Summer months of this year. Although much will depend upon when we find the right person for the Acting Director’s position, we are committing to creating a Plan A, B, C and a variety of contingency plans. We know much like what we have all experienced together in the past year, there are many unknowns, and so we covet your patience, prayers, and support. But please know, we will also do our best to keep you up to date and informed about what is happening at YOUR camp.

And if you have questions, please ask. You can connect with the chair of our Outdoor Ministry Team, Nancy Wagner at, the chair of Property Committee, Priscilla Self at, our Conference Moderator, Dr. Jill Baker at, or our Conference Minister, Rev. Shana Johnson at

The Search Begins…

Sneak peek

The Search Committee for the Acting Director has been named, has met and will soon be conducting interviews for the position. We are working hard to get the word out about this wonderful opportunity, and we welcome your help. If you know someone who might be interested in applying please reach out directly to our Conference Minister, Rev. Shana Johnson at

DuBois Center Gift Certificates



CloverLooking for a unique gift for someone special in your life? Not sure you want to shop in a crowded mall or store this year?  Consider giving a gift certificate for a future DuBois Center experience.

About 13 years ago, Don and I began the tradition of giving an annual DuBois Center camp experience to each of our grandchildren. We love the opportunity to give them the chance to unplug, connect with nature, make new friends, learn new skills, and grow in their faith. The excitement in their eyes as they make their personal camp choice, their anticipation of going to camp, and hearing their enthusiasm about their camp experience is priceless!
Pastor Don & Nancy Wagner



RoadsideDuBois Center Gift Certificates are available in any amount. Adding an item from the camp store, such as a hat, plush toy, or water bottle, along with your special personal message, would make an attractive package which can be available for pick up or mailed to the address of your choice. For more information and details, please call: (618) 787-2202 or visit our website.

The Outdoor Ministry Team is busy putting plans in place to offer safe in-person camping experiences in 2021. Hope to see YOU there!

A Visit From St. Nick – Covid style

Merry Chritsmas towels

T’was just weeks before Christmas, when all through the town, not a person was stirring, morale was quite down.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, but with shopping a challenge, we feared they’d stay bare.

Children are adjusting to new daily grinds, with so much technology occupying their minds.

While sitting, relaxing in flannel and fleece, we ponder the question, When will this all cease?

When suddenly outside we heard a strange noise, we’ve missed having visitors, one of our joys.

Away to the window we opened the blind, but weren’t quite sure just who we might find.

The moon put its glow on the leaves on the ground, which made us amazed by what we just found.

Squinting our eyes with all of our forces, what we began to see was DuBois Center’s horses.

With Sharon, Bre, Scott, Sandy, and Larry, showing that horses are friendly and not at all scary.

With saddles & bridles, and walking so tame, they whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

“Now Thunder, now, Zephyr, now Cocoa and Apache! On, Clover, on Phoenix, on Sunny, and Classy!

Around the arena, and past all the bales, they trotted and trotted through all of the trails.

But that wasn’t all we spied with our eyes, there were other camp things adding to our surprise!

There are counselors leading campers on fun nature walks, and chaplains on hand for devotions and talks.

The lifeguards are ready to make swimming safe, and plenty of opportunities to grow in one’s faith.

Kids making new friends, while enjoying the sun, and yummy s’mores ‘round a campfire when the day is done.

There’s archery with bows and targets to hit, and exercise a plenty in the lively gaga pit.

No Chromebook, or cell phone for children to pack, but they sure enjoy GORP, a famous camp snack.

New songs, a cute skit, or learning meal graces, puts plenty of smiles on all the kid’s faces.

So, no need to worry, and no need to fret, no shopping mall necessary, the perfect gift we can get.

What does all this mean – perhaps a sign from above? We can give a camp experience to those that we love!

So that’s what was meant by this evening’s surprise sight, So, Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

© Nancy Wagner

Fall Festival Challenge Update

Winter Horse

Thank you for your most generous support of the DuBois Center 2020 Fall Festival Challenge. Being a major fundraiser for DuBois Center, we knew that the necessary cancellation of the annual Fall Festival due to COVID-19 safety concerns would produce a financial hardship. The negative impact was reduced thanks to the extravagant gifts of those of you who responded. A portion of the proceeds from this challenge has been used to purchase much needed helmets and saddle blankets for the vital ministry of our equestrian program.

Nancy Wagner, Outdoor Ministry Team Chairperson

Matthew 6:21: For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Giving Thanks!


This week we give thanks for program volunteers! They touch the lives of every summer camper and retreat participant at DuBois Center! They share their special gifts and talents in the cabins and the health center, at the barn and during worship. Serving as chaplains, camp counselors, nurses, activity specialists and on the equestrian team, they tend to our minds, bodies and spirits. They teach us about bees, horses, fishing, science and so much more, as they share their passion for the gospel, Christian community and all of God’s creation. In the words of Mother Teresa, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

THANKS to all those whose ripples can be felt at DuBois Center and beyond. Featured here are (top l to r) Donna Asbridge – volunteer nurse and first aid instructor, Craig & Rev. Katie Jo Bielke – volunteer camp chaplains, (center) Larry Reeble, long time horse volunteer and (bottom center) Luke Volmert – former camper and current volunteer camp counselor.