Camper Check-In

BunksArrival time for MOST sessions is NOON to 1:30PM on Sunday. This has changed from past years!

Please do not arrive early. Gates will be closed and staff will be preparing for your child’s arrival. There are no early admissions.

Our #1 priority at camp is the health and safety of our campers and leaders, so the check-in process is very important to ensure that all registration information is correct. Please allow 60 minutes to escort your camper through the stations.

Just like last year, our check-in process is still drive-through! We hope that the air conditioning and tunes in your own vehicle makes it a little easier to enjoy the lines and waiting of registration.

When you arrive, you will ENTER THROUGH THE EXIT GATE be directed to the Registrar to double-check registration forms and fees, then on to pick up your t-shirt. Please drive slowly and watch for the signs and staff in place to direct you.

Next is a health check and a lice check for the camper. Note: This process is quicker and more effective if the camper’s hair is not braided. We may have to unbraid or otherwise alter their hairstyle if we cannot thoroughly inspect their scalp. 

Our health center staff checks in with every camper for a health screening, confirmation of healthcare information, and cataloging medications. Every camper and their adult chaperones will have the chance to speak directly with our healthcare staff. Whether you have a hundred questions or zero, everyone will receive as much time with the healthcare staff as needed to ensure their child’s safety. This step often takes the longest of all our check-in stations, and we appreciate your patience. For the quickest health check, have ALL of your camper’s medications in a gallon-size ziploc bag in easy reach.

Once check-in is complete, all information has been verified, and your child has completed the health screening, it’s time to settle in! You can assist your camper in loading their luggage onto a hayride, boat shuttle, or directly into their cottage. Say your goodbyes and drive home safely!