Preparing for Camp

Information Packets

Information packets will be available after April 1. Packets include the Parent & Camper Guide, Health Profile form, a packing list and directions to camp.

If you registered online, you may simply download the packet from your camper’s dashboard. If you registered by mail or by email your packet will be emailed to you. Information packets will also be available online.

Health Profiles

BeachDue 2 weeks prior to the start of the camper’s session

A FULLY COMPLETED Health Profile is an absolute requirement for every camper, including adults. The Health Profile does not require a physical exam, but must include current medical information, immunization dates, details about medication and an authorization for treatment.  Complete Health Profiles ONLINE!  Parent/Guardian signature is required.

Family Share of the Camp Fee

Due 2 weeks prior to the start of the camper’s session

Some churches and organizations pay a portion of the camp fee. The part of the fee to be paid by the family (Family Share) is the amount due a minimum of two weeks prior to the camp session. Early payments are welcome.


We stock a number of over-the-counter medications, so it is not necessary to send these items. A list of stock medications can be found on the Health Profile.

Be sure to fully complete the medication sections of the Health Profile in detail. ALL medications brought to camp must be in ORIGINAL PACKAGING or PRESCRIPTION CONTAINER. Prescription containers must include the camper’s name, dosage, frequency and times of administration. ALL MEDICATIONS, including ibuprofen, vitamins, etc., must be turned in to the Health Care Staff when checking in on the first day of camp. Do not pre-pull medication or pack it in the camper’s luggage. Put all medications in a sturdy zip-lock bag labeled with the camper’s name.

Camper Accommodations

If your camper requires special accommodations for a successful camp experience, please contact DuBois Center a minimum of three weeks in advance of the first day of your camper’s session. This allows time for us to strategize together.

We make every effort to serve campers with special needs who are within the scope of our training and staffing capabilities. Because we are a “general” camp, as opposed to a “specialized” camp, we do not have the benefit of extra staff to serve as inclusion specialists.

Within our cabin and activity groups, we maintain a minimum of one leader per six younger campers, and one leader for each seven or eight older campers. To have a successful summer camp experience at DuBois Center, campers must be able to function within this type of staffing structure.

The more information we have about the circumstances, the better able we are to provide appropriate support. Again, please contact us in advance!


Campers LOVE to receive mail and it is important for them to receive letters from home. Please send cheerful, upbeat notes. Avoid mentioning how much you miss your child. Statements like this can encourage homesickness.

Avoid writing about all the fun you might be having on vacation or at home while your child is at camp, and don’t dwell on negative happenings either. You can discuss real problems in person with your camper when he/she returns home.

It is tempting to send lots and lots of notes. This can be tough on campers who receive little or no mail. A letter per day is a great compromise. Mail is generally distributed at lunchtime.

  • Letters may be left at the “Mail Station” while checking-in on the first day of camp. This method works very well and is preferred by many parents. Letters are distributed throughout the week. You can even number your letters or write the day of distribution on the envelope, for example – “Monday.”
  • If you plan to mail your letters via the USPS, send your first letter a day or two before your camper’s session begins to ensure delivery, and your last letter no later than Tuesday for full week sessions. Mail can sometimes take 3 to 4 days to be delivered. If mail is received after the camper leaves, it will be forwarded when possible.
    • Address Mail To: Camper’s Full Name
      DuBois Center
      2651 QUARRY ROAD
      DUBOIS, IL 62831
    • NOTE: The postal service charges extra postage for letters that are not flat – even if they are the proper weight for the amount of postage. Please do not send treats such as pieces of candy or gum in your letters. They are not allowed and slow down the delivery process.
  • You may also send messages to your camper via email at In the “Subject” line, type “for” and then your camper’s full name and session name. We can’t guarantee same day delivery because our office is often very busy, but emails received by 10:00 a.m. will most likely be delivered the same day.


Packages from home are intended to be symbols of love. For DuBois Center, however, they create problems. Eating and storing food in the cabins and cottages attracts insects and critters. In addition, campers not receiving such treats can feel left out. Please send letters instead. If packages are sent, in most cases, they will be held until the end of the session and sent home with the camper.


Campers will be encouraged (but not required) to write a letter home. Don’t be alarmed if letters are brief and sporadic – campers are busy while at camp. Be aware that a letter you receive early in the week could sound somewhat negative, but usually by the time you receive it, the camper has adjusted and has often even forgotten what he/she wrote. If you are concerned, please call DuBois Center at 618.787.2202.

Hint: You are more likely to receive mail from your camper if you pack pre-addressed, stamped postcards or envelopes.