What to Expect at Camp

DeckWe are excited to have your child camping with us this summer. We hope the experience will be both enjoyable and meaningful. Attending camp can be exciting and challenging for campers and parents. It’s natural for your child to be a bit anxious about leaving the comforts of home, adapting to new daily routines and meeting new people. We hope this Parent & Camper Guide will help to familiarize you and your camper with our procedures and minimize “first-day anxiety.” If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Our staff works hard to help campers feel comfortable and welcome. To do the best job possible, we need your assistance as well as that of the campers. Respect & Cooperation are top priorities at DuBois Center, and there are expectations for the behavior of each camper and leader. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Respect & Cooperation

Each week of the summer, a primary focus for camp leaders is creating an environment in which everyone feels safe and secure – campers and leaders alike. RESPECT is Rule #1 and COOPERATION is one of our primary goals.

To help us achieve this goal, we ask each camper to:

  • follow camp guidelines and rules,
  • remain in supervised, designated areas,
  • refrain from harmful or hurtful behavior, such as name calling, bullying, verbal or physical aggression toward self or others, using inappropriate language, sexual harassment or sexual behavior, and
  • refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco products, or any illegal substances or items, and report the use or possession by others.

Please understand that if a camper is unable to live within these guidelines and a positive resolution cannot be reached, the camper will be sent home.

Our leaders work hard to create a special place that is “removed” from many of the stressors and distractions of everyday life. Many of the items campers are asked not to bring are items that can detract from the achievement of our goals and the Christian community we work to build.

We ask for your assistance. In addition to talking to your child about Respect and Cooperation, please ensure that all items on the DO NOT BRING list are left at home.

Thank you for helping to make DuBois Center a safe and special place for all our campers – a place to unplug, slow down, laugh and enjoy being a kid.