Summer Camp Staff

DuBois Center offers classic and specialty summer camps. We utilize a faith-based curriculum and theme that are integrated into our daily life at camp; so all summer staff members are engaged with faith-based as well as traditional camp activities.

Summer Camp will resume in 2021 – see below for example employment information.

Employment is for 7-9 weeks for leadership positions and 9-11 weeks for supervisory positions. Training will begin May 28, 2021 for leadership positions. Our first full week for campers in 2021 will begin on Sunday, June 13th, 2021. Each summer, we hire approximately 18 paid staff members. Paid and volunteer staff members work together to achieve the goals for our summer program which are based on our mission statement.

Growing together…

In Faith, In Respect for Ourselves & Others, and in Our Care for Creation

Check out the Summer of Service flyers below to learn about the benefits, as well as the joys and challenges of spending your summer at DuBois Center.

Note: Minimum age is 18 for leadership positions and 20 for supervisory positions, although those aged 21 and above are preferred

Note: Lifeguard Certification is a PLUS for all positions. At least 7-8 of those hired must have this certification, so if you are a swimmer of moderate to advanced skill, you will give yourself an edge by becoming lifeguard certified. Check with your local Red Cross office, YMCA, recreation center or college for classes. We are also specifically looking for individuals with teams/challenge course experience and/or a guitar playing ability.

 Available Positions:

Click on each position to read more details on each opening.

Summer Camp Leadership Positions – 2021

 Summer Camp Supervisory Positions – 2021

 Application Pieces

Note: The DCFS Form referred to is the Department of Child and Family Services “Authorization for Background Check”, which is a requirement for all staff and volunteers. An additional criminal background check will also be conducted before hiring.

How to Apply:

  1. Print Application, complete and return to DuBois Center.
  2. Print DCFS form, complete and return to the DCFS office. You may mail, fax or scan and email it.
  3. Print or download Reference Forms and give or send them to individuals you feel will be a fair reference. Read the selection criteria on that form.

Interviews begin in February, after an individual’s application packet is complete, and continue until all positions are filled.


If you are unable to make a commitment for a full summer, consider serving with us as a volunteer for a week or two or three. There are volunteer opportunities for counselors, nurses, lifeguards, barn helpers, activity specialists (such as crafts or photography), session directors and chaplains. Email the office for more information or visit our Volunteer page for more details.