Spring Star Party – March 20th

Star Party

What’s a Star Party? An evening of star gazing, with hot chocolate and snacks around the campfire! This specific night just might be one of the best nights of the season to check out the night sky – depending on the weather. Mark your calendars and join us as we celebrate the start of spring! Festivities are scheduled from 7 pm – 10 pm on March 20, the Spring Equinox, beginning with a bonfire and snacks at Picnic Point. The big open playing field in the Rustic Village will be our prime star-gazing location. Trams will run to and from this area from the toasty campfire at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm. Bring your own binoculars or view the sky with provided equipment.

This is a FREE conference-wide, family-friendly event sponsored by Green DuBois. Dress warmly and bring your friends, neighbors, youth group or Sunday School class.

Camp Nurses — Servants with Sunscreen


Band-Aids – YES, but so much more! One setting for ministry at DuBois Center is our health center. Volunteer nurses, most of whom are RNs, are a vital piece of our summer camp program. Serving as a camp nurse can be a very rewarding mission experience that is similar, yet very different than most traditional nursing positions. Responsibilities include reviewing camper medical forms, conducting health screenings, receiving and administering medications, providing first aid and basic medical treatment, and documentation. But when you really get down to it, nurses spend most of their time removing ticks, soothing rashes, distributing medications and providing extra TLC for homesick and nervous campers.

If you are an RN, please consider serving with us for a full or partial week. The living quarters do have AC, and there is often time to join us for worship, explore the woods or just sit back and read a book. For more information, contact Shirley at dcinfo@DuBoisCenter.org or 618-787-2202.

Wrangle & Ride — Saturday, April 4

Wrangle & Ride

Spring is a great time to be outside at DuBois Center… even more so when horses are involved! Join our equestrian team on Saturday, April 4 from 9 am – 5 pm for a full day of fun with the DuBois Center herd! Designed for both beginners and more experienced riders, this is a horse-intensive day of grooming, tacking, riding, instruction and other horse-related activities. Beginners will be introduced to basic skills, while experienced riders work on more advanced options.

The cost for this event is $65 with lunch included. Online registration is NOW OPEN. Click here for more information or to register by mail. Questions? Contact us at dcinfo@duboiscenter.org or 618-787-2202.

Volunteers are the Heart of DuBois Center

heart hand

Volunteers are the heart of strong and healthy outdoor ministry programs. At DuBois Center, volunteers serve throughout the year on committees and teams, at the barn, in the office, on work projects, as retreat leaders and fund raisers. During the summer, there are a variety of ways to be involved and make a difference in the lives of the young people we serve. Join us for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, a couple days during the week or a full session of camp. Volunteers work hand in hand with paid summer staff to provide our fun, engaging and faith-filled program.

For more information contact DuBois Center at dcinfo@DuBoisCenter.org or 618-787-2202. Volunteer applications are available online.

Summer Opportunities Include:

●  Barn Helper
●  Cabin Counselor
●  Chaplain
●  Nurse
●  Photographer
●  Resource / Activity Specialist
●  Sunday Welcome Team

Camp Brochures — Place Your Order NOW!

Poster preview

At DuBois Center, we are busy planning for Summer Camp 2020! Right now we are putting together our order for brochures. This year we are working especially hard to optimize our promotion, and you can help! Please let us know how many brochures you would like for your CHURCH. We would be happy to send one for every child in Sunday School! Or if stacks in the narthex and church office work best in your setting – great! Just let us know how many are needed.

Please send your request to Julie at register@DuBoisCenter.org or call 618-357-1809. FYI – We will mail brochures directly to all 2018 and 2019 campers and retreat participants.

Winter Projects: Upholstery, Refinishing, Repairing


If you like to work with your hands and have some spare time over the winter, DuBois Center has some indoor winter projects – maybe one just for you. Enjoy refinishing furniture? We have some wood-frame chairs in need of some TLC. Upholstery interest you more? We have two chairs that need attention – backs and seats only.  Here’s an interesting one… refinishing arrows. Removing and replacing damaged feathers takes time, patience and the right tools. We have a couple dozen that need attention.

All three of these projects can be done in the comfort of your home or here at camp. For more information, contact DuBois Center at 618-787-2202 or dcinfo@DuBoisCenter.org.

Summer Jobs — DuBois Center Equestrian Program


Looking for a rewarding summer job working with children and horses? How about hands-on experience managing a trail ride program? Spending time with the horses is a highlight for many of our campers and great barn staff make all the difference! In addition to caring for our 20-horse herd, staff utilizes basic riding instruction and time “getting to know the ponies” to help campers build self-confidence and learn to respect and care for God’s amazing creation.

We are hiring a Barn Coordinator and one or two Barn Assistant / Counselors. The salaries range from $280 – $360 per week, depending on the position, and the skills and experience of the applicant. In addition, meals and lodging are provided. These are great jobs for individuals considering a career related to education, equine, recreation or social services.

For more information, check out the attached flyer or contact Shirley at 618-787-2202 or shirley.director@DuBoisCenter.org.

Spring Star Party

Star Party

Mark your calendars and join us for the first official STAR PARTY at DuBois Center. Celebrate the start of spring under the stars at camp! Green DuBois is hosting a Star Party from 7-10 pm on March 20 – the Spring Equinox. Festivities begin with a bonfire and snacks at Picnic Point. The big open playing field in the Rustic Village will be our prime star gazing location. Trams will run from the toasty campfire to this area at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm. Bring your own binoculars or view the sky with equipment provided by DuBois Center.

This is a FREE Conference-wide, family-friendly event. Bring your friends and neighbors and dress warmly.

Fluffy, Fluffy Ponies!

Winter Horses

With the deep chill we recently experienced, the horses at DuBois Center have certainly been enjoying their luxurious winter coats! This extra fur is super soft and GREAT for petting, but it also serves a crucial and practical function – it traps in heat to help protect against harsh winter weather. Horses are very social animals, and in order to maintain a healthy herd dynamic, our horses live outside year-round. We do bring them into the barn occasionally to groom them for rides and feed them.

When the temperatures drop and the winds pick up, we also open the barn as a wind break. While living outdoors does help keep our horses mentally healthy, they do require some extra care when the cold and snow prevent them from grazing on grass. Staff and volunteers provide a steady stream of hay, and supplemental grain when the weather gets exceptionally bad. Some of our horses have even been known to gain weight over the winter!