Welcome Team

This is a big week at DuBois Center – lots of campers, lots of NEW campers, lots of volunteers and an amazing turnout for the Sunday Welcome Team. A total of 19 volunteers – in addition to those staying for the week – hit the field to welcome campers and their families. That’s a new record!

The parking lot was packed, but with additional volunteers giving directions – it wasn’t as issue. There were lots of heads to be checked and medications to be reviewed, but again – not an issue. Non-stop pontoon boat shuttles to the landing in the Rustic Village – easy!

This short-term service opportunity makes a HUGE difference, especially for first-time campers and their parents. Watch for a list of our 2019 Welcome Team volunteers in upcoming Weekly Connections.

Volunteer Spotlight – Week 3


We have been blessed all summer with wonderful volunteer chaplains and nurses. Week #3 was no exception!

Donna Asbridge, RN from St. Paul’s UCC in Freeburg spends most of her summer at DuBois Center caring for the health of our campers, as well as sharing her musical and pastoral skills. Rev. Katie Jo Bielke is Associate Pastor for St. John UCC in Collinsville. Nothing slows her down… even being pregnant! She returned from a youth mission trip and a day or two later headed to camp. She has a wonderful way of engaging with campers and sharing God’s message in relevant ways. For the second summer, Katie Jo shared chaplain duties with Craig, her husband who has a long history in church camping. He loves fishing and had an especially good time mentoring the little guys attending “Boy Meets Camp.” And baby? Well, baby is now well-versed in camp life and will hopefully be attending “Just You & Me Camp” in about five years!

Beating the Heat at DuBois


When heat indexes reach into triple digits, you’ve got to adapt. Meteorologists suggest staying indoors and avoiding the sun, but we’re at camp! So what do you do? First round up extra fans and water jugs, then make sure plenty of frozen treats are on hand. Next, rework the schedule to avoid strenuous activities during the intense mid-day heat. Reserve the hottest times of the day for quieter activities in the shade or under big fans. Wet and wacky water games are a favorite as well. Add an hour-long “siesta” in the afternoon, and then campers are ready for evenings packed with fun.

WELCOME TEAM — Join Us – July 14 or 21

Welcome Team

It is amazing what a difference 4-5 volunteers can make! When the Sunday Welcome Team is short by this number, we struggle; and check-in seems to take forever. When the slate is full, the process runs so much more smoothly! We had great turnouts in June. Now we are gearing up for July. In addition to our summer staff, 12-15 volunteers are needed each Sunday to assist with greetings, parking, the camp store, registration, health screenings, dock duty and people-moving.

Volunteers should arrive by 1:15 pm and will be done by 4 pm. Volunteers Needed: July 14 and July 21. The roster for July 7 is already full, but there are lots of opening for July 14. If you are interested and available, please RSVP by the Wednesday prior to the Sunday needed to dcinfo@duboiscenter.org or 618-787-2202.

July Camps with Openings

july camp
It’s been a busy summer already and July looks to be even busier. There are still one or two spots open in most July sessions. For the most up-to-date information on all the options available for your child, contact our registrar at 618-357-1809 or DuBois Center at 618-787-2202. More sessions are reaching their capacity each day, so don’t delay. At this moment, the camps listed below have multiple openings. Grades listed are the grade completed.
If you are ready to register – click here. Need more details? Pick up a camp brochure at your UCC church or download one here. To receive a brochure by mail, contact DuBois Center at dcinfo@DuBoisCenter.org or 618-787-2202.
July 7-12           Settler (grades 3-5) – spots for girls only
July 7-12           Outback (grades 6-8)
July 7-12           Saddle ‘Em Up (grades 7-9)
July 14-19         Imagine That! (grades 4-7)
July 14-19         Movin’ & Groovin’ (grades 4-7)
July 14-19         Trekkin’ It (grades 5-8)
July 21-24         Girl Power (grades 1-3)
July 21-24         Pony Express (grades 4-6)
July 21-24         Family Camp

Welcome Team – Join Us in July

Welcome Team

We have had great turnouts for the Sunday Welcome Team in June. Now we are gearing up for July! In addition to our summer staff, 12 to 15 volunteers are needed each Sunday to ensure the process runs smoothly!

Volunteers assist with greetings, parking, the camp store, registration, health screenings, dock duty and people-moving. They arrive by 1:15 pm and are done by 4 pm.

Please consider joining our Sunday Welcome Team. You are invited to wear a church or camp t-shirt and show your spirit. Even consider bringing a team from your church! RSVP by Wednesday to 618-787-2202 or dcinfo@duboiscenter.org.

Volunteers Needed: July 7, July 14 and July 21. The spots for July 7 & 21 are nearly full, but there are lots of opening for July 14.

Neither Rain, nor rain, nor rain…

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these camp leaders from the swift completion of their appointed duties. Whether greeting parents on a stormy afternoon or creating engaging indoor or undercover options, summer staff at DuBois Center serve with smiles on their faces and a lot of enthusiasm. Sure, sometimes they get a little down… it’s a tough job, but your prayers sustain them and the special stories of the lives they have touched keep them going.
Recent Facebook comment from a Parent: God placed it on my heart to let you guys know, that what you’re doing with all the kids, is simply amazing! Just know that you’re making changes in these kids’ lives daily! Thank you for all you do!”

OUTBACK Camp – July 7-12

Nature's Classroom

Ever wonder what it’s like to build your own shelter, cook dinner over a campfire or stay out late listening for owls and watching for bats? While all DuBois Center campers spend lots of time out in nature, Outback takes it a step further. A night or two camping under the stars – or a bug net, foil stew or pie-iron pizza for dinner, nocturnal exploits and a lazy sleep-in morning are all put of the fun. Campers experience God’s creation firsthand while exploring parts of camp that others may never see. In addition, other classic DuBois activities – canoeing, horseback riding, water mat and archery – are also options for this adventure.

To learn more, download our brochure or contact DuBois Center at dcinfo@DuBoisCenter.org or 618.787.2202 to receive one by mail. Ready to register? Click here.

Thanks for the memories…


and all the digital cameras you donated! Over the past 18 months, we have been collecting small, point and shoot cameras – the ones pushed to the back of the closet when phones were upgraded. These gifts are now being used by our camp “family groups.” Each has a camera and is encouraged to take pictures of their adventures. This past week, one group did an especially good job of capturing camp life on their digital. Here are some of our favorites shots. It’s obvious they loved their time with the horses and in the creek.

Donations of digital cameras – in good condition – are still being accepted. For more information contact DuBois Center at dcinfo@DuBoisCenter.org or 618-787-2202.