Happy Father’s Day!

Father Son
A dad is strong….not hard.
He disciplines
He carries his child
He says “no” when “no” needs to be said
A dad is soft….not weak
He smiles
He cries tenderly
He comforts his child when the child’s pain is too great
A dad is smart….not learned
He reads
He works efficiently
His common sense takes him where books cannot
A dad is attentive…not smothering
He sets boundaries
He enforces the boundaries
He allows his child to stretch some of them to build confidence
A dad is present….and that’s a present for generations to come.
© Lynnette Schuepbach

Fall Festival 2019

Fall Fest 2019 Logo

It’s never too early, to start planning for DuBois Center’s annual Fall Festival! SAVE THE DATE – October 6, 2019 – and consider how you and your church might be involved.

Sharing this logo is a great way to start. Save and use it on your website, in PowerPoints, newsletters and bulletins. Thanks for helping us spread the word!

Thank You, Welcome Team!

Thanks You
We had an amazing Sunday Welcome Team turn-out on June 9! Eighteen volunteers greeted and welcomed campers and parents on the first summer camp check-in day of the season.
A special THANKS to Sandy Dehner, Aaron, Susan and Harmon Fuchs, Audrey Hicks, Leah Juenger, Sandy and Scott Kuether, Cara Magee Johnston, Jason Petry, Carol and David Shanks, Nancy Wagner, and Sandy Westbrook. This crew packed a whole lot of welcome into just three hours after church. They were also joined by volunteers Donna Asbridge, Nicole Avise-Rouse, Rev. Todd Mushaney and Alana Scherle – our nurse and chaplains for the week.
The Team assisted with the camp store, paperwork review, health screenings, pontoon boat and dock duty, and people-moving. Working hand-in-hand with summer staff they did a great job of helping the check-in process run smoothly. Many of these volunteers hail from Illinois South Conference churches – others are “friends” of DuBois Center. UCC churches represented include Cahokia Bethel UCC, Dupo Christ UCC, Freeburg St. Paul’s UCC, Lebanon St. Paul UCC, and Waterloo St. Paul UCC.
THANKS for your service. We couldn’t do it without you!
Want to join our Sunday Welcome Team on an upcoming summer Sunday? Volunteers are needed June 16 and 23, and July 7, 14 and 21! Contact DuBois Center at dcinfo@duboiscenter.org or 618-787-2202 to volunteer.

June Camps with Openings

camp 3
There are still spots available in some June 2019 camp sessions, but they are filling quickly – so don’t delay, register today. In addition, some camps in July also have openings.
Pick up a camp brochure at your UCC church or download one online. To receive a brochure by mail, contact DuBois Center at dcinfo@DuBoisCenter.org or 618-787-2202.
June 23-25       Just You & Me Camp
June 23-28       Settler, Girls Who Camp
June 26-28       Boy Meets Camp

What’s in a Name?

camp names

Twig, Sparkle, Mr. T, Peanut, Croc, Simba, Minnow, Curly, Kayak, Bandit, Sparrow, Shark Bait – what’s with all the weird names?

Since 2011, “camp names” have been a tradition for summer staff and volunteers at DuBois Center. Some are silly and pulled from…well, who knows where? Others have stories behind them  – to avoid inhaling pollen and dust, Nurse Bandit wears a bandana over her nose and mouth when driving the golf cart or Gator around camp. Amani means PEACE in Swahili, a primary language in Tanzania – the home of one of our international staff members.

We use “camp names” during the summer because they are FUN, and because sometimes there are just too many Merediths, Rachels and Ryans running around. Real names are shared on the last day of each camp, and they are listed on the sign-out sheets when parents pick up their children at the end of a session. If a counselor senses that a parent is nervous about not knowing their “real name,” the leader might take them aside and share that detail in advance.

What’s in a name? A lot of silliness and camp fun!

Family Camp – July 21-24

Family Camp

Don’t let the kids have all the fun this summer! For this camp, the whole gang’s invited! The relaxed atmosphere and flexible activity sign-ups allow you to set your own pace – from the waterfront to the barn, from the Craft Grotto to the creek. Take time for an afternoon nap or wake up early for a hike to your favorite fishing spot. Family members participate in most activities together. DuBois Center provides activity leadership, families provide supervision of family members.

Pricing varies depending on the age of the family members, your choice of lodging (Hickory Lodge, Main Camp Cottages or even Rustic Cabins), and the number of people in the living unit. There are different flat rates for each type of living unit. Whether you have 3 or 8 in a Rustic Cabin – the lodging price is the same. Whether you have 3 or 8 on a side of a main camp cottage – the lodging price is the same. Add the per person charge for meals and program fees and you’ve got the total. Check out the Reservation Form for specifics. Reservation and registration is by MAIL and EMAIL ONLY this year. Lodging will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

WELCOME TEAM — Join Us! This Sunday, June 9

Welcome Team

It’s time! Our summer camp season kicks off this Sunday and over 70 eager, excited and perhaps nervous campers and their families will make the trek to DuBois Center. In addition to our summer staff, 12-15 volunteers are needed to ensure the process runs smoothly! Volunteers assist with greetings, parking, the camp store, registration, health screenings, dock duty and people-moving. They arrive by 1:15 pm and are done by 4 pm.

Please consider joining our Sunday Welcome Team on Opening Day. You are invited to wear a church or camp t-shirt and show your spirit. Even consider bringing a team from your church! RSVP by Wednesday to 618-787-2202 or dcinfo@duboiscenter.org. If this date doesn’t work for you, consider June 16, July 7 or July 14.

Eagle Project

Eagle Project

At DuBois Center during May, guest groups are in and out nearly every week and weekend, and work crews tackle final projects before our busy summer season. On Memorial Day weekend, scouts from Troop 9, Ship 9 and Crew 9 took on a number of projects at the waterfront. They worked on erosion issues, cleared the trail between the swim beach and boating dock, and constructed a “landing” for benches and shoes. Campers now have a great place to stow their shoes before jumping in and heading for the water mat or loading into canoes.

Eagle Project2The estimated cost of the project was $841. Christ UCC, Belleville – home base for these scout groups – donated $180; pavers, blocks, food for the hungry workers and tools were also donated. The project was designed and the work coordinated by James Taylor as his Eagle Project. He enlisted the assistance of the St. Louis Job Corps cement pre-apprentice program, which provided the custom pavers. Making the pavers provided practice in forms, mixing concrete and finishing work for Jobs Corps members. A total of 26 people, including a number of troop members, assisted with the project. Together they logged 259 hours of service. THANKS to James, his crew and supporters! Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Know someone who might be interested in an Eagle Project at DuBois Center? The best time to contact us and begin the process is from Aug 15 – Sept 15.

Summer Camp Volunteers Needed

Creek walk

Consider a week (or even a few days) at DuBois Center and join our Summer Camp 2019 team! Wanted: fun, engaging and caring volunteers to serve as nurses, cabin counselors, activity specialists and barn helpers. Minimum age is 18 for most positions; young adults and older adults are welcome. Give of your time and talent, make a difference and gain a wonderful sense of satisfaction!

For more information, go to the volunteer page of our web site or contact Shirley at shirley.director@DuBoisCenter.org or 618-787-2202.

Welcome Team – Join Us June 9

Welcome Team

Our summer season kicks off on Sunday, June 9 and we will be welcoming over 70 eager, excited and perhaps nervous campers and their families. In addition to our summer staff, 12-15 volunteers are needed to ensure the process runs smoothly!

Please consider joining our Sunday Welcome Team on Opening Day. Volunteers assist with greeting, parking, the camp store, registration, health screenings, dock duty and people-moving. They arrive by 1:15 pm and are done by 4 pm. Consider bringing a team from your church! All are invited to wear a church or camp t-shirt and show your spirit.

It is requested that you RSVP as far in advance as possible. Contact DuBois Center at 618-787-2202 or dcinfo@duboiscenter.org. FIRM commitments are greatly appreciated as we keep recruiting until the spots are filled. If this date doesn’t work for you, additional Sunday opportunities are available.