Thanks to all the Fall Festival horse volunteers!

The ticket count shows that we provided 450 arena rides for our guests this year. That’s 1,350 laps of the arena over the six hours of Fall Festival. It takes a lot of people to make this happen smoothly and successfully. Our volunteers took tickets, fitted helmets, helped riders mount the horses, and walked the horses. We also have a volunteer monitoring the arena at all times to make sure our riders, walkers and horses are safe. Another assists with any issues that come up in the arena and helps swap out horses as needed. Hours before the gates open, volunteers bring the horses in, feed them, groom them and get them ready for the day.

And we can’t forget the horses. This is a long, probably boring, day of work for them and they all handled it very well and without any issues.

Many thanks to everyone who helped in the barn and the arena this year.

Horse Retreat – November 5-6

Ask most of our summer campers about their favorite thing at camp…and quite a few will say, “Horses!” If this sounds like your child, this overnight weekend retreat is just for you! This weekend is just like our summer horse camp, but with more time with and on the horses! We also have activities like horse apple bobbing, campfire cookouts with your horse, making horse treats, a barn party, and more. Designed for participants ages 12 to 18 who love horses, this could very well be the highlight of your fall!

Registration for this fills up fast (we limit to 12 participants), so reserve today! Click here to register.