Winter Greetings from DuBois Center!


While the temperatures are cold and Cabin Fever is starting to set in, you can rest assured that we are feverishly planning our summer possibilities with full expectations to be able to serve you this summer!

What does this mean?

We are currently making preliminary provisions to offer in-person summer camps complete with many, if not all, of your favorite activities! After having to take last summer off, we know that many of you are more than eager to get back to your camp!

After all, this is your camp. Since 1965, we have been here for you. Each and every one of us has memories deeply embedded in the fabric that ties DuBois Center together. Even when we weren’t able to be in person last year, we were still here for you.

For 2021, we have up to four, yes four, potential options that offer DuBois Center in different lights — all contingent on the needs of the people, state of the current health situations, and governing authorities.

Plan A

First and foremost, our Plan A includes in-person summer camp options! If all goes to plan, we could begin welcoming summer campers the week of June 6. Exciting, right? Of course, we will have additional plans and protocols in place for enhanced safety measures. While our mission is to see all of our campers again, we need to be sure we can do that safely and effectively.

While we do have Plans B, C, and D on paper, we wanted to share with you now that Plan A is what we are aiming for and Plan A is in person!

Final details will be a bit delayed as we are having to adjust with the ever-changing climate, but please continue to look for emailed updates like this. Our website is also being revamped as we speak to ensure it has the most helpful and up-to-date information as possible. If we ever have to ‘toggle’ our focus from Plan A to anything else, our website will have the details you need.

Check In With Us!

If you are anxiously waiting for a mailed brochure, or at least something brochure-like, you are in luck! While we will be mailing summer promotions and schedules a bit later than normal, you should still receive mailed postcards from us in early spring! These postcards will highlight what we hope to offer and to provide you with something to stick on your fridge to remember us by!

Please follow us online, at for the most current information we have. Also, our Facebook and Instagram feeds are continually going as well. If you need to contact us, our phone number is the same at 618-787-2202, you may also email to