Behind the camera

Thunder and Scott

DuBois Center has hundreds of avid Facebook followers – especially during the summer. Family members love seeing photos of their child riding a horse, playing on the water mat or hanging out with new friends! This special treat is made possible primarily by one volunteer – Scott Kuether. Over 90% of the photos on our Facebook page were taken by “Flash” – his camp name. Scott works full-time in Glen Carbon, but still makes time for DuBois Center twice a week during the summer camp season. He helps with check-in on most Sundays and then heads off with his camera to capture first day shenanigans. Mid-week he sets up shop in our office and works remotely while taking “breaks” throughout the day to snap photos of campers.

Scott is also the chair of our equestrian committee and a regular ride volunteer. He serves on our marketing committee and the ISC finance ministry team. Scott’s active involvement with DuBois Center began about 12 years ago. He wanted to spend more time with Sandy, his wife and our equestrian director, and his two daughters who love to ride and spent many of their weekends at camp. Little did he know…

THANKS SCOTT for everything you do!

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