Rainbow Camp 2021 registration is open!

Rainbow Camp

Rainbow Camp will be Saturday, Aug 7 at DuBois Center, from 9 am-7 pm. It’s a full day, and you can be as active or as relaxed as you like. We’ve got everything from horseback riding and archery to pontoon rides and crafts in the craft grotto overlooking the lake.

Rainbow Camp was started for LGBTQ+ folks and straight allies. This year, we extend a special invitation to neurodivergent folks to join us, too. Everyone is welcomed as a whole child of God at DuBois Center.

Register now or later by going to www.DuBoisCenter.org and clicking the Register button.  Search for Rainbow Camp under Day Camps.

Secure the early bird rate by registering before July 18.

Rainbow Camp is a whole lot of fun in the sun – come join the party. Click here for a flyer.

Camp Names

Summer staff 2021

When we are born, our parents give us the name that they see for us. Sometimes, those names are passed down through a family. Sometimes, it is the gut feeling they have. For my family, my parents workshopped the name “Hannah” for me throughout my parents’ pregnancy, and when I was born, they decided to go with “Hayley” instead, thinking that it fit a little better of who I was becoming before their eyes.

For some of us, the name and identity we were assigned at birth do not sit well as we begin to develop, so we choose a different name. For some of us, we choose to take or hyphenate our spouses’ name upon marriage. All in all, it is not very often that we engage in the practice of choosing our own names.

At camp, our staff go through a renaming process, where each gets to live into a chosen name. Some of them come from legends and jokes; some of them come from hobbies and interests; and some of them choose us. For example, I became “StingRey” as I was first stung by a bee at an open house event at DuBois Center. I think stingrays are cool animals, and Rey from Star Wars is one of my favorite movie characters of all time.

We welcome Fog, Nala, Kermit, Bubbles, Ringo, Thunder, Gizmo, and Lemon to our counselor team this summer, and welcome Sharkbait, Simba, Mango, and Kiwi to our leadership team!

Campers are here!

Getting acquainted

This week, we welcome Just You and Me, Horsin’ Around, and Quest to DuBois Center! Campers will engage in horse activities, Blast, fun on the water, archery, creek walks, and more while they spend their week here. We are actively working to make sure our campers enjoy a safe, fun summer!

We still have some slots available for campers to enjoy DuBois Center this summer, so register online today!

Simba and Mango

Reflections on New Things

Summer camp

If you had told me a few months ago that in the span of about seven weeks I would begin a new job and jump through what felt like one million hoops to re-open a camp that had been closed due to our global pandemic, I am quite certain I would not have believed you.

It is not that I shy away from hard work or that I do not see its value. It is that I am not often one to sacrifice what is safe and familiar for what is risky and difficult. In my life, I have been an example of what to do, and what not to do, when God calls you to a new thing. What I have learned in the last seven weeks, as I sprinted toward the “finish line” of being legally allowed to open camp this summer, has been that sometimes what we are called to do and be in our world does not come easily.

As we successfully transition into our new summer dynamic, I encourage all to ask what it is that God has called you out of your state of familiarity to do. I have personally always found the end goal to be worth the risk.

I hope to see you this summer at DuBois Center, and that you and your family enjoy God’s abundant love this summer! – Hayley Elliott, Acting Director of Outdoor Ministry

Summer staff has arrived!

Summer Staff

On May 26, our summer staff began staff training at DuBois Center. We have been diligently cleaning the property, team building, readying the waterfront, and training on diversity, group development, and first aid scenarios. We can’t wait to welcome you back to DuBois Center starting Sunday, June 6! Camp names have been chosen, cabins assigned, and mattresses cleaned. We will see you this summer at DuBois Center!

Registration is open!

This Is Our Prayer

We still have room in many of our early camps for your campers of many ages to join us! While many of our camps are now full, we still have room for your campers in Settler, X-Plore, Splash, Trail Mix, Nature’s Lab, Saddle ‘Em Up, and other camps!

Scholarships are available on a first come, first served basis through our registrar’s office at 618-357-1809 or jriechmann@iscucc.org.

We hope to see you this summer at DuBois Center!

The Amazing People of Illinois South Conference…


On Friday, May 20th, a group of amazing Illinois South Conference people answered the call to install new ridge vents on 10 cabins on the rustic side of camp. These roof vents will improve the air circulation and air quality in the cabins for campers coming for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to Roger Harris, Belleville St. Paul UCC; David Shanks, Cahokia Bethel UCC; and Judy Doerr, Marvin Doerr, Cliff Goodfellow, Larry Godare, Rusty Portell, Dupo Christ UCC. DuBois Center appreciates your quick efforts prior to opening the camp to visitors.


Summer begins


Our coordinators were on site last weekend to make preparations for our staff training, which begins May 26. Thanks to Ryan Goetter, Catie Goetter, and Olivia Cruthis for their incredible hard work that makes summer camp possible! We will welcome our summer staff on Wednesday to train to lead activities, cabin groups, and do the necessary ground work and set up to make this summer happen.

If your church would like to sponsor a meal for our summer staff, please call Hayley at the office or her work cell – 815-627-0595. We will feed them approximately 28 meals before the camp kitchen opens.

Registration Updates!


We were blown away by the response to our summer offerings this year! Some camps are already at capacity, and there is still room in quite a few others!

You asked, so we listened: YES you CAN visit us more than once this summer!  Campers can now be registered for multiple camp sessions!  We were limiting registration to one camp per camper, but now that we are closer to summer, all of our available slots are open to all!  Our full listings are found online.

Remember, we have two extra options this year: Family Camp and DuBois Delivered!  We are excited to offer a mailed version of our summer program to you — and we are certain you will enjoy it!

COVID-19 Precautions 

As guidelines and requirements rapidly evolve, we continue to monitor and adapt our protocols to ensure the level of safety and diligence you have always expected from us.

DuBois Center will be opening under the strict safety protocol recommendations of the Outdoor Ministry Association, the American Camping Association, the Center for Disease Control, and State of Illinois guidelines and restrictions. We are closely following the guidelines and tracking new information as it becomes available.

We recently released our plan for this summer, and can be found in its entirety on our website.  The overall plan may change as requirements continue to evolve, but rest assured that we are dedicating the needed time, energy, and resources into making this summer both fun and safe.

Continue to check in! 

As the summer kicks off, be sure to continue to follow us on Facebook , Instagram, and www.DuBoisCenter.org for pictures, updates, and stories!

We hope that you are as excited to return as we are to have you back!