DuBois 6.0 Campaign Update

We have received over $231,521 for a total donation as of this edition. We started this campaign in October 2021, and we met our goal in August 2022. For the remainder of 2022, we will have a stretch goal of $300,000. Any DuBois 6.0 donations received will now go toward cost overages on the original 17 projects; plus some additional projects, including an Oak Lodge Kitchen facelift; a Hickory Lodge refurb, and a new face for the waterfront area. Hurray! Congrats! Let’s see how far we can go.

We thought you would like to see some of the things that have been worked on because of your generosity.  These projects are completed:
  •  Oak Lodge Windows
  • Office windows
  • Oak Lodge HVAC – most of the money for that was used from previous Designated Donations
  • Program Director’s House Update bedrooms and living room replacement
  • New Rustic Fish Ridge Cabin – completed #5 cabin in this village (still needs inside bunk beds and mattresses) – was not used for campers in 2022












Projects worked on but not yet complete:
  • Deer Run Shower House – roof was replaced – still needs new shower and toilet partitions
  • Fence Painting – Only the Rustic barn area arena fences are completed

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