“Thank You” Christmas Party

The weather was perfect for DuBois Center’s annual “Thank You” Christmas Party. Volunteers, donors and staff – who are all essential to the success of DuBois Center – enjoyed good food, uproarious laughter, off-key singing and, of course, THE Christmas Game.

This year’s “Camp Christmas” theme lent itself to traditional summer camp décor and food, including BBQ pork steaks and a s’mores cake dessert. Did you know that both marshmallows and cauliflower taste great when roasted?!  A canoe and the Big Dipper were the backdrop for the ever-popular photo booth. Check out the shots of equestrian and marketing team volunteers, as well as Hickory Lodge renovators and a camp nurse and spouse.  There are more photos in our FaceBook album.

Special thanks to Norma Borgmann for the amazing appetizers (more of a meal), Rachel Kinzinger for the desserts, the Marketing Committee for the very fun decorations and activities, and to everyone who supported DuBois Center in any way in 2017!

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