DuBois 6.0 Campaign in Need of a Freezer

You may have noticed in the DuBois 6.0 capital campaign that there’s a foraged dinner fundraiser planned for next fall. The goal is to have foraged foods from the grounds in the dishes that will be served that night, such as fish, hickory nuts, blackberries and persimmons. These foods will be collected over the course of the next few months, and several will need to be frozen when they’re gathered.

The regular camp freezer fills to capacity in the summer, so we need a freezer dedicated to storing food just for this meal. We’re looking for a small chest or upright freezer, about 5-7 cu ft in capacity, with a working lock and key. If you have a freezer you’d like to donate that meets these requirements, please contact Jill Baker at jabaker5@aol.com.

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