DuBois 6.0 – Building Faith, Building Capacity, Building For The Next 60 Years

DuBois Center will turn 60 in 2022, marking the year we took ownership of the land. While the first 60 years have been great, she needs some maintenance and expansion to get her ready for the next 60.

What we’ve done since 2020:

  • Repaired the spillway
  • Replaced the Rustic side septic
  • Remediated mold in the office, Oak and Hickory Lodges
  • Rebuilt and repaired the stage
  • Solved plumbing leaks in Oak and Hickory Lodges
  • Added commercial dehumidifiers to office basement and Hickory Lodge
  • Fixed foundation leaks at office, Oak & Hickory Lodges
  • Replaced camp office flooring
  • Repaired/updated at Director’s House, and corrected drainage
  • Brought the Deer Run Cabins back to life and added 3 ramps

Here’s what we’re doing next – Estimates as of Aug. 2021:

  • Oak Lodge Windows Replaced $17,650
  • Camp Office Windows Replaced $4,500
  • Oak Lodge Air Conditioning $15,740
  • Oak Lodge Basement Sealed and Dehumidifier Purchased $6,000
  • New Hillside Cottage Built $77,000
  • Lumber Shed Roof $3,000
  • Program Directors House Updates $7,000
  • Temporary Infirmary: To be reaccredited by the American Camping Association, we need a multi-bed infirmary temporarily in half of Roadside Cottage $3,000
  • Road Repairs $18,500
  • New Fish Hill Cabin on Rustic Side of Camp $10,400
  • New Archery Range and Bouldering Wall $10,000
  • Deep Water Solar Lake Aerator $6,000
  • Boat House Solar Power $1,200
  • Deer Run Lodge Repairs and Updates $4,500
  • Deer Run Shower House $10,300
  • New Hay Barn $30,000
  • Fence Painting $500

DuBois 6.0 Capital Campaign Goal: $225,290

Note: Project order will be determined by availability of materials and funds.  Capital Campaign began October 2021 at the Annual Meeting and will end December 31, 2022

How You Can Contribute:

  • Sponsor a project.
  • Share your mandatory IRA distributions
  • Share Stock or Bonds
  • Share Tax Refund
  • Dinners – Plan to attend two special Taste of DuBois Dinners in 2022
  • Sweat Equity
  • Donate Online at www.iscucc.org and www.DuBoisCenter.org.
  • Prayers

Contact the Highland office to receive an information sheet explaining how to donate IRA distributions and stock to DuBois 6.0. Dates and more information on the Taste of DuBois dinners will be coming in early 2022.

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