Hats Off to Our Volunteer Camp Nurses

nurse hat

Health care professionals are a key component of our ministry, but rather than starched “whites,” you are more likely to find them dressed in tie-dye and shorts, and maybe even toting a guitar.

Camp nurses deal with a variety of ailments – everything from ticks to homesickness, fevers to sprains. They provide special attention when a camper needs a little extra TLC or just a break from the action. Their’s is a ministry of compassion, presence and healing.

This past summer, we were blessed by the ministry of two volunteer camp nurses. A very special thanks to Donna Asbridge of St. Paul’s UCC in Freeburg and Jessica Nave, former DuBois Center staff member. This year, Nurse Bandit (Donna’s camp name) went above and beyond, as is often the case. In addition to her nursing duties, she studied our curriculum and helped the summer staff understand and engage with it. She has also started a guitar and ukulele revival at camp – playing herself and teaching others. Sumac (Jessica’s camp name) volunteered for 24-72 hour stints throughout July, in between her ER shifts. It was great to have this former camp counselor back at DuBois Center.

If you are an RN, please consider serving with us next summer. For more information, contact Shirley at shirley.director@DuBoisCenter.org or 618-787-2202.

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