Like Father, Like Son

“We always hear preachers preaching about love…” Last summer Kalaba Kapundu, an international student at Eden Theological Seminary, served on the summer staff at DuBois Center. This year his son Ian was able to attend camp – thanks to our wider faith community. Ian’s fee was paid by St. Mark’s UCC in DuBois. The church also provided money for a stop at the camp store for Ian and his younger brothers. Rev. Carol Shanks provided transportation to and from camp for the family, playing tour guide along the way. The kids were amazed by the cornfields and grain silos, and even stopped for photos with the stalks. Jill Schantz from the seminary helped with paper work, gathering supplies and moral support. It was definitely a community effort!
Last week, we received an email from Kalaba. An excerpt is included below:
“Greetings in the name of Jesus.
Shirley, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping Ian to experience Camp DuBois. Ian is in love with DuBois and I think he did connect with DuBois the same way I did and DuBois Center will always have a special place in my family. My life had changed a lot from my experience at DuBois Center. We always hear preachers preaching about love, at DuBois Center love is not preaching but experienced. For me, DuBois Center is the expression of the love of God for humanity… I lack word to express my gratitude, may God continue to strengthen you in your ministry of making disciples for the transformation of the world. Thank you, Boss. J
Peace and Grace, Kalaba Kapundu”

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