Camper Pick-Up

FirePick-up for MOST sessions is 2:00 p.m. on either Wednesday or Friday. Please do not arrive early as your child WILL NOT be ready to leave. The last activity of each session is usually some kind of closing circle. This is a meaningful time for many campers, so we try to keep interruptions to a minimum.

When you arrive, a greeter will provide further instructions

A Pick-Up Authorization Form is required for all youth campers, even those being picked up by a parent. List ALL individuals who might pick up your camper – include yourself. Then bring the completed form to camp on check-in day. Campers will only be released to a person who is authorized on the form.

The pick-up person will need to present a photo ID, such as a driver’s license, to the camper’s counselor.

If plans change, and someone not listed on this form must pick up the camper, call the Program Office at 618.787.2202 and send signed WRITTEN PERMISSION with the person picking up the child.

Lost & Found

Items found after campers depart will be held until September 10 and will then be donated to a charitable organization. If you are missing an item, check with DuBois Center by calling 618.787.2202 or by email at

After Camp

Your camper will likely be tired after their adventures at camp and may need additional rest after their stay. Try to ensure a lighter schedule for the next day or two after they return home.

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