Packing for Camp

PackingWhat to Bring

We recommend bringing older, less expensive clothing and gear – items that your child recognizes as their own, not new ones they won’t remember as theirs. It’s best to LABEL EVERYTHING since found items that are identifiable are easier to return.

Please leave clothes that are too short, tight or revealing at home; they are not appropriate for church camp.

To avoid cuts and other injuries to feet and ankles, campers wear sturdy shoes with closed toes at all times, except at the beach or in the cabin and shower areas. Sturdy shoes also make walking and hiking safer and more enjoyable. See the packing list for details.

Detailed packing lists are available in the Summer Camp Information Packet.

What NOT to Bring

The items listed below detract from the camp experience and Christian community we work to build. Prohibited items brought to camp will be collected and returned at the end of the camper’s stay.

Leave sandals, wedge / platform & flimsy shoes at home. Flip flops may be worn as shower/beach shoes only. “Crocs” may only be worn at designated times.

Do not bring valuable, breakable or dangerous items. This includes guns, knives, weapons of any kind, matches, lighters, fireworks, illegal substances, smoking and vaping products, or any items containing alcohol, cannabis or tobacco.

Do not bring candy, soda, gum or food. The bugs love it all. Snacks are provided each afternoon and evening, so there is no need to send additional food. The exception to this is in the case of medical and dietary issues, for which supplies will be kept in the Health Center for appropriate distribution.

Aerosols are not allowed at camp. Insect repellent, sunscreen and deodorant must be in the form of lotion, wipes or pump spray. Aerosols are safety hazards in faces and eyes, and around campfires and candles.

ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES should be left at home. This includes (but is not limited to) electronic games, cell phones, i-pods, tablets, e-readers and cameras. Bad attitudes can be left behind as well. Camp at DuBois Center is joyful, LOW-TECH fun. This is the perfect time and place to unplug from electronic technology and connect face to face with people.

NO CELL PHONES. At DuBois Center the safety of your child(ren) is our first priority. This is the primary reason campers are not allowed to have or use cell phones while at camp. While this might sound backward, even our insurance company recommends such a policy. Cell phones can be used as a safety tool, but they can also be used to contact potentially negative influences outside of camp (non-custodial parents, boyfriends and girlfriends, etc.). Phones can be used to take inappropriate pictures and post them on platforms such as Snapchat, which leaves little trace, but can cause significant damage.

We understand concerns about the use of cell phones for emergencies, however, when weighing all the safety factors – we have decided against campers having them at camp. If you have questions about this policy, please contact DuBois Center at 618.787.2202.

NO CAMERAS. Again, at DuBois Center safety is our first priority. Sometimes young people make decisions without considering the consequences. In addition, cameras can get lost or broken. Each family group will have a camp camera to capture great memories. We’ll collect the pictures regularly and post the best ones to Facebook.

NO SPENDING MONEY. There are no additional fees for activities or snacks, so spending money is not needed. The Camp Store is only open on the FIRST DAY of each camp session during the check-in process while parents are present. It carries a variety of clothing items, stuffed animals and other logo items.