Packing for Camp

PackingWhat to Bring

We recommend bringing older, less expensive clothing and gear. It’s best to LABEL EVERYTHING since found items that are identifiable are easier to return.

To avoid cuts and other injuries to feet and ankles, campers wear sturdy shoes with closed toes at all times, except at the beach or in the cabin and shower areas. Sturdy shoes also make walking and hiking safer and more enjoyable.

Bring extras in case of rain, spills, sweat, or mud – nothing causes blisters faster than damp dirty socks or wet shoes. Especially during very hot or rainy weather, being able to change into fresh socks and clothes at midday does wonders for morale.

Plan a system to keep things tidy! A large duffel bag is great for easy transport but makes it hard to keep dirty, clean, and half-clean clothes together. Consider a dedicated bag for bathhouse supplies. Think about how your camper can best utilize an upper or lower bunk. We offer a daily award for the cleanest cabin, and we’ve seen some truly innovative techniques for tidy cohabitation! We also encourage our campers to keep a tidy cabin to minimize cozy homes for the bugs and critters that live here at DuBois Center.

Detailed packing lists are available by session here:


What NOT to Bring

Prohibited items brought to camp will be collected and returned at the end of the camper’s stay.

Leave sandals & flimsy shoes at home. They may be worn as shower/beach shoes only.

Do not bring valuable, breakable, or dangerous items. This includes guns, knives, weapons of any kind, matches, lighters, fireworks, illegal substances, smoking and vaping products, or any items containing alcohol, cannabis, or tobacco.

Do not bring candy, soda, gum, or food. The bugs love it all. The exception to this is in the case of medical and dietary issues, for which supplies will be kept in the Health Center for appropriate distribution.

Aerosols are not allowed at camp. These can explode and leak in hot weather and are a serious danger around candles and campfires. Please send pump-bottle bug sprays and sunscreens instead.


NO CAMERAS. We have designated photographers here at camp to take pictures, including an official photo per family group. Because we open our camp to minors in difficult situations, we cannot permit unofficial photography.

NO SPENDING MONEY. There are no additional fees for activities or snacks, so spending money is not needed. The camp store is only open during check-in.

Thank you for helping us keep camp safe for everyone!