Mother-Daughter Retreat

Mother Daughter Retreat
What a difference a week can make! The temperatures fell from near record highs for Fall Festival to 30 degrees cooler for our Mother-Daughter Retreat. It may have been chilly, but weather did not deter the generations of women who played, prayed, laughed, sang, used their creative juices, rode horses, shot arrows, tried new yoga poses, snapped photos and even canoed together!

The 2018 Mother-Daughter Retreat is now history, but the memories most certainly are not. Here are just some of the highlights noted on the end-of-event evaluations:
● Fellowship with other mothers and daughters
● Canoeing, the 1:1 time in God’s beautiful nature was a memory of a lifetime
● Every moment was special – snuggling & being together
● The photo scavenger hunt
● Coffee on the porch in the morning
● Snuggling under a blanket on the hayride
● Fun weekend away from life where we can spend quality time together

Start planning NOW for 2019. DuBois Center sponsors three great family retreats: Father-Son in the spring, Rainbow Camp in August and Mother-Daughter in October.

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