Stepping Outside the Classroom

Nature's Classroom

Every spring and fall, DuBois Center transforms into a giant outdoor learning environment. Over the past month, nearly 150 students from eight schools in St. Louis, Godfrey and Centralia traveled with parents and teachers to participate in Nature’s Classroom.

DuBois Center staff taught a wide variety of classes – some are exclusive to this outdoor experiential education program, and some are camp favorites with a learning focus. There was horseback riding and archery of course, well creek walks that explored erosion and stream ecology. Students discussed history and basic principles of physics before experimenting with soda bottle rockets and an egg drop. Time spent at the Teams Course built confidence, improved communication (and LISTENING!) skills, and observation-focused woodland walkabouts highlighted the beauty and wonder that fills DuBois Center. As we pack away class materials, we look forward to our spring Nature’s Classroom season.

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