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Summer Camps Camp Activities Page

Dubois Center offers an abundance of activities throughout our summer camps. Some of our activities are only open to certain age groups due to skill and interest levels. We do, however, try to make sure that our campers are getting the experience they want from Camp DuBois. Although some of our activities are pre-scheduled to ensure that everyone can partake in them, we try to allow our campers to give their input on what they want to do. At the beginning of many of our sessions, our campers sit down with their leaders to map out some of the activities they want to do for the week.

Below is a brief list of some of our biggest activities. This is not a comprehensive list, but it should give you and your camper an idea of what a session at camp could look like.

Horseback Riding

Weather permitting, we offer all of our campers a chance to ride horses. Our younger, less experienced riders are trained on the basics during arena rides. Older campers get to experience DuBois’ miles of trails while learning new skills each summer. Our campers also learn the basics of horse care, while our horse campers participate in barn chores and other horse-related activities. Learn more about our equestrian program and horses here.


All of our camper groups get the chance to swim in our beautiful lake every day! Our waterfront, watched by certified lifeguards during each activity, is split into shallow and deep ends to accommodate all levels of experience. We also have a beach that is perfect for sandcastle building contests or a game of sand volleyball!


Our camper groups explore DuBois and learn about nature and Creation along miles of trails through our gorgeous grounds.


Campers gain experience on the water through our canoeing program. We teach the basics and allow campers to explore our lake by boat.

Water Mat

Our water mat, one of our more recent additions, is located off the boat dock and is extremely fun! Campers can play, jump and dance across our floating mat, allowing for some of the most fun you’ll see on water!

Fabulous Floating Fortress of Fun

A new addition to our waterfront last year, the Fabulous Floating Fortress of Fun (so-named by our campers) features multiple connected climbing and sliding apparatuses that provide for hours of fun.

Adventure Tree

A new activity for our oldest campers, Adventure Tree allows you to strap in to a harness and climb to the top of some of our tallest trees! Enjoy the thrill and the view!

Nature Lessons

Throughout the week, our campers learn about nature through a variety of activities and lessons. Although our lesson plans change from week to week, we offer activities such as shelter building that help our campers get in touch with nature.

Creek Exploration

Through our land runs a creek that is teeming with fun activities. Our campers explore the creek while learning about nature and having fun along the way.

Team Building

Whether it’s through simple team games with our youngest campers, or through our Challenge Course for our older campers, we make sure that all of our camper groups learn the value of working together as a team while they are at camp. Our Challenge Course offers a variety of challenges, such as the birthday log and ‘The Wall,’ that will have campers learning about the value of teamwork and leadership.

Bible Study and Vespers

Perhaps some of our most important lessons and activities come from the time we spend each day learning about God and his creation through stories and activities built around a unique theme. Learn about this year’s theme. We teach the qualities that we believe should be instilled in all human beings, including kindness and a simple want to do good for others.

Group Games

From Gaga to Nine Square in the Air, our campers have the opportunity to join in a variety of group games, some new and some old.

Campfire Building and Outdoor Cooking

Our older campers have the chance to experience what it’s really like to be in touch with nature. We teach them how to build a campfire, how to practice campfire safety and, the most fun, how to cook delicious meals.


Our archery course provides many campers with the chance to learn a skill they may not learn anywhere else.