Dreaming of Hillside Cottage

Take a look at this picture. Squint your eyes a bit and let yourself dream for a moment. This is the future site of Hillside Cottage, the crown jewel of the DuBois 6.0 campaign. This is where a new 20-person living and meeting space is going to be, just off the road to Coveside Cottage. It will be ADA compliant and solar powered, and just about 1,400 sq. ft. It’s going to be built with as much volunteer labor and recycled/ upcycled materials as we can muster.

Hillside Cottage will add to our overnight guest capacity, and that adds to our bottom line. As with the other projects in DuBois 6.0, this is the time for us to move. Our campaign has been in motion for only 6 ½ months of a 14 ½ month effort. We’re at 74% of our $225,290 goal. Can we do this? Of course, we can. We’ve got a good camp year on the horizon, and an even brighter future. We value our camp, and we’re investing in it. We look forward to reaching this goal, and actually exceeding it. There are projects waiting in the wings that will continue adding to our programming, capabilities, and capacity.

What can you do to support DuBois 6.0?

  • Volunteer to work on a project – the Property Committee would welcome your help.
  • Make a personal or congregational donation – we can take everything from cash to stock and cryptocurrency.
  • And while you’re at it, put our outdoor ministry center in your prayers for both a safe summer filled with fun and a successful capital campaign.

We’re building faith, building capacity and building for the next 60 years.

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