Green DuBois

Many of us think of DuBois Center as a special piece of God’s creation. With the formation of a new Conference team, we’re going to renew our emphasis on the ecological biodiversity that makes our camp unique.
Green DuBois is a new team that will focus on camp sustainability by sharing our resources with the public in ways that work around our camp season, while bringing in new revenue. The other two branches of Green DuBois will focus on active forest management and building on our existing green, ecologically sustainable practices.
Green DuBois is looking for volunteers who love the outdoors. If you have an interest in biology, botany, ornithology, herpetology, ecology, astronomy or many other facets of science, we’re looking for you. If you are a master naturalist, master gardener, or weekend invasive species removal specialist, come join us. If you’re a professional in these areas, we could definitely use your help, too. Members of the Outdoor Ministries Team, Finance Ministries Team, Property Committee, and the Conference Council are especially invited to attend.
If you’d like to learn more, come to a meeting Thurs, Sept 20, at 6:30 pm at the Highland office. We’ll sketch out some initial ideas, and start to form groups to focus on the three branches of Green DuBois. Before the meeting, please contact Jill Baker at, for a copy of our forest management plan.

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