St. Jacob UCC – Stack, Paint & Haul!


On Sunday, a small but mighty crew from St. Jacob UCC headed to DuBois Center for a day of service. They unloaded and stacked 350-400 bales of hay, primed 43 boards and painted a number of posts, and moved and stacked wood. The hay is for the horses – obviously – but this year we had more than ever, and the team filled the hayloft in the barn and the hay shed. The boards and posts are for fencing – 300 feet of old fence was removed for the spillway renovation. The wood came from two precariously placed trees on the lake side of Coveside cottage which were removed earlier. All three projects were on our priority list, and the efforts of this group saved our staff many hours of work and speeded up the fence project significantly. It’s amazing what five people can do!

THANKS to the crew from St. Jacob for your hard work! It truly does make a difference. They also did a great job wearing face coverings and physical distancing when appropriate! There is always lots to be done to help maintain your outdoor ministry facilities and grounds and you can help! For more information, contact us at 618-787-2202 or


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