Ongoing Support

Girl Power!

Historically, St. Peter’s UCC in Okawville has had strong ties to DuBois Center. This has been evident over the years through their support of summer campers, and their participation in workdays, Fall Festival and special fundraising efforts. They put on a great Shrimp Boil to support the new spillway and HVAC in Oak Lodge! Members have served and currently serve on ISC committees related to DuBois Center, on our summer staff, as chaplains and volunteers in other capacities.

Each spring they kick off recruitment efforts with a Camp Sunday and from there they provide significant support for their young people to attend summer camp. This year, with no summer camp, there were no campers to support. Instead, church leaders decided to allocate the $3500 that would have typically paid for summer camp fees to support DuBois Center directly. This gift will help to ensure the Center’s viability during these challenging times.

A SPECIAL THANKS to St. Peter’s UCC in Okawville!