Thank You Riechmann Bros!

New Tractor

It’s a dream come true! Our NEW tractor arrived on Thursday. The ISC Property Committee has been searching for a “new to us” tractor for the past 18 months – checking in with dealers and local farmers, watching tractor sites online… and praying. A reliable tractor is crucial for our work at DuBois Center. It’s used to move hay, grade roads, mow, haul downed trees and other heavy items, plow snow, give wagon and tram rides, pull vehicles out of the mud and more.  Our 1991 International Harvester served camp well for most of the 27 years we owned it. Recently, though, it had become much less reliable with repairs becoming more critical and more costly.

Thanks to the Riechmann family, DuBois Center is now the proud owner of a new John Deere tractor with a 65 hp engine, front-wheel drive and quick-releases for all the attachments. Not only is it new, it is a significant upgrade. Much of the funding for this project came from the 2017 DuBois on Broadway fundraiser. However, the acquisition would not have been possible without the amazing deal we received from Riechmann Bros LLC and some underwriting from the family.