With a Little Help from our Friends!

Rebedding stalls

The last two weeks have been busy ones at DuBois Center with eight different teams in motion – in addition to St. Jacob UCC, which we reported on last week. Neighbors John & Terry cut up and removed 5,000 pounds of wood from a dead tree off the Hickory Lodge patio. They did a great job with clean-up! Carol & David Shanks spent a day painting and repairing. Carol touched-up the entrance sign and painted more boards for the fence on the road across the dam. David replaced some rotted floorboards at the lumber shed and built new steps for it – no unstable cement blocks to contend with anymore! Margie & Mel Lindhorst continued working on the shade pollinator garden at the front of the office.

A crew from Grantfork UCC arrived with their mini-excavator and worked on one of the horse trails. They removed two old culvert pipes and cleaned up the area. They also worked on straightening the fence line at Deer Run. Teams from St. Paul UCC in Freeburg are making good progress on the cabins at Deer Run. Last week they installed windows and screen doors. The Horse Team stripped and re-bedded the horse stalls at the barn this past weekend. Watch for more about their efforts next week. In addition, two members were out earlier to check on the horses and help move round bales of hay. The Bee Team was back at camp on Sunday to check on the hives and the health of our bees. And last, but not least, Scott Schubert checked the lines and replaced the old phone on the front of the office. Guests without cell service can again make emergency calls after office hours.

THANKS to everyone for your hard work! It truly does make a difference. There is always lots to be done to maintain our outdoor ministry facilities and grounds. For more information, contact us at dcinfo@DuBoisCenter.org or 618-787-2202.











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