With a Little Help From Our Friends


The last two weeks have been hot and busy at DuBois Center. Trees damaged by the storm in early August are slowly being cleared away and the deadfall removed. Wood to replace the fence near the new spill pipe area is being painted. Our bees are being tended. The new power washer is being put to the test. Storage areas are being cleared out and cleaned. Our electric company has been working on line issues. And hay is being baled and stored.

SPECIAL THANKS to Andrew & Val Davis, Bob Goddard, John Pawloski, John Schettler, Carol & David Shanks, Tri-County Electric, and Josh and Tom our part-time caretakers! Your hard work and extra effort are greatly appreciated and truly do make a difference.

There is always lots to be done to maintain our outdoor ministry facilities and grounds and especially during these challenging times. Currently, there are more boards to be painted, storm damage to be cleared, hay to be stacked and areas to be cleaned. DuBois Center is a great place for physically distanced service projects in the outdoors. For more information, contact us at dcinfo@DuBoisCenter.org or 618-787-2202.

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