DuBois 6.0 – On the Move

DuBois Center will get a facelift in 2022. The current donations are at $44,971 because of generous donors. Thanks! We’re on our way!

Here’s what we’re striving to do:

Round 1 – under way:

  • Oak Lodge Air Conditioning $15,740 — Completed!
  • Oak Lodge Replace Windows $17,650 — Windows should be arriving in February
  • Camp Office Replace Windows $4,500 — Windows have arrived and are ready to be installed
  • New Fish Ridge Cabin on the Rustic Side of Camp $10,400 — Foundation has been built.  Waiting on Roof Trusses

Round 2 – Spring 2022:

  • Oak Lodge Basement Sealed and Purchase Dehumidifier $6,000
  • Program Directors House Updates $7,000
  • Deer Run Shower House $10,300
  • Deer Run Lodge Repairs and Updates $4,500
  • New Archery Range and Bouldering Wall $10,000

Later this year:

  • New Hillside Cottage $77,000
  • Lumber Shed Roof $3,000
  • Temporary Infirmary: To be reaccredited by the American Camping Association, we need a multi-bed infirmary temporarily in half of Roadside Cottage $3,000
  • Road Repairs $18,500
  • Deep Water Solar Lake Aerator $6,000
  • Boat House Solar Power $1,200
  • New Hay Barn $30,000
  • Fence Painting $500

How You Can Help:

  • Sponsor a project.
  • Share your mandatory IRA distributions
  • Donate Stock or Bonds
  • Share Tax Refund
  • Dinners – Plan to attend two special Taste of DuBois Dinners in 2022
  • Share Cryptocurrency
  • Sweat Equity
  • Donate Online at www.iscucc.org and www.DuBoisCenter.org.
  • Prayers

DuBois 6.0 Capital Campaign Goal: $225,290

Note: Project order will be determined by availability of materials and funds.

Contact United Church Funds at 212-729-2628 or matt.wagner@ucfunds.org to learn how to donate IRA distributions and stock to DuBois 6.0. Dates and more information on the Taste of DuBois dinners will be coming in early 2022.

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