Fall Festival Challenge


If you have already contributed to the Fall Festival Challenge – THANK YOU! If not, there is still time! To date, nearly $1500 has been given! Norma Borgmann, Nancy Wagner and the Outdoor Ministries Team (OMT) are challenging friends of DuBois Center to keep the spirit alive. This would have been the 44th year for some version of this event. It is typically a major friend-raising and fund-raising event for the Center.

We hope you will consider donating $1, $2, $3 or more each year of Fall Festival.
$1 per year = a Yellow Leaf giver at $44
$2 per year = a Red Leaf giver at $88
$3 per year = an Orange Leaf giver at $132
Anything above this amount would be at the Gold Leaf level.

If you are a Fall Fest “regular,” it might be fun to consider what you would have spent at or for Fall Festival 2020 – either as a participant or as a volunteer or a provider of goods to be sold.  You may donate online or send a check to DuBois Center; 2651 Quarry Road; DuBois, IL 62831. Please be sure to note that your gift is in response to the Fall Fest Challenge.

Thank you for keeping the ministry of DuBois Center in your thoughts and prayers.


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