Green DuBois Team News

Green DuBois would like to welcome anyone who is interested in the outdoors to join the cause!
The next team meeting will be Tuesday, September 24 from 6:30 pm – 8 pm at DuBois Center. The next Stewardship Day will be Saturday, October 12, from 8 am-Noon, with a focus on removing invasive species and working on the camp recycling hub. No special skills needed, just bring your own gloves!
We have many upcoming projects focused on promoting the biodiversity of DuBois Center, maintaining our forest, and building on our ecologically sustainable practices. We also welcome donations to support this work, which can be sent to the Conference office marked for Green DuBois.
Anyone can be part of the team, regardless of church affiliation. Come to a meeting or stewardship day, or email for more information:

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