Lenten Work Days – Recap

It is truly amazing what can be accomplished by enthusiastic and willing workers in short periods of time! A HUGE THANKS to volunteers from Carbondale Church of the Good Shepherd UCC, Grantfork UCC, Trenton St. John UCC, Nashville St. Paul UCC, New Baden Zion UCC, Hookdale St. Peter UCC, and other friends of DuBois Center for joining us for our Lenten Work Days this spring.
Rotted sections of wood were removed from the Nature’s Classroom buildings. In their place, a new deck was built and fascia installed. New gutters are awaiting their rain barrels. Leaves and dead branches throughout camp have been removed, as well as a fallen tree that was blocking a horse trail. Benches and equipment were moved out of storage and set in place. Work continued on the fences around camp and at the lumber shed. Deer Run Lodge was opened and tidied. And last, but definitely not least, support work on the bridge between Oak and Hickory Lodges was completed.
This work makes a significant difference! We are thankful for the new and old friends and their gifts of time and talent!

A Lenten Devotional

spring tree

We have a Lenten gift for you! A Lenten Devotional has been written to celebrate DuBois Center and Green DuBois, but we feel that this piece speaks to all who find comfort, wisdom and challenge in God’s creation and the word. So, we decided to share it with you.

From Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, we hope these words and photos can be part of each day of your Lenten journey. Click here to read or download the entire resource or click here to find week-by-week segments.

Feel free to share this gift, but please provide credit to DuBois Center, Green DuBois and writer Donald C. Wagner. Be sure to read the Forward/Intro piece for more information about the creation of this devotional.

May this resource is a blessing to you during the coming weeks.