Prepping for Fall Festival

Calling all Bakers

We are now accepting donations for our “Sweet Treat Shop” at DuBois Center for the Fall Fest held Oct 3, 2021. We accept all kinds of baked goods – cookies, cakes, pies, candies, all of the good stuff! . This will be a fundraiser for DuBois Center and goes directly into scholarships to attend camp. Please consider donating and contact Hayley at or 815-627-0595 to coordinate!

Pie a Pastor

Calling all Illinois South Conference Pastors! One way we’ll raise money for DuBois Center at this year’s Fall Festival is by collecting donations to “pie a pastor” – or Hayley. We’ll set out jars and the person with the most money in their jar toward the end of the day will be pied in the face. If you’re planning to be at the DuBois Center Fall Festival and would submit your name to possibly be pied in the face, please contact Hayley at or 815-627-0595.

Updates on DuBois Center’s COVID-19 mitigation strategy

As people of faith, we know intimately the importance of following the heart of the law. We were lucky this summer to have loose masking restrictions limited to inside our main buildings and when physical distancing could not be maintained. No COVID-19 cases were reported involving our summer programming. Our situation as the Delta Variant of COVID-19 spreads through the country is different than it was even just two months ago. As such, we plan to not only keep enforcing our indoor mask policy, we will also encourage a mask policy in our outdoor spaces at our larger fall events where physical distance can’t be maintained, such as Fall Festival.

DuBois Center cannot guarantee that we will have extra masks on site when you arrive, so please bring a mask with you when you are planning to visit. This small step from our community partners helps reduce the risk to our wider community and helps us stay open for events. We encourage everyone to be smart, safe, and well.