WEATHER at DuBois Center

Kwik Cricket

This was a week of weather extremes for campers and leaders at DuBois Center – rain, lightning and heat. So how do we adapt when the weather throws us a curve-ball or two? First, we switch to the weird & wacky weather schedule. We are up at 6:30 for activities before the heat and storms. Then it’s time for breakfast and more activities. BLAST (Bible Learning and Spirit Time) and a relaxing “siesta” are reserved for the heat of the day. Next, round up extra fans and water jugs, and make sure plenty of frozen treats and beverages with extra electrolytes are on hand.

So that takes care of the heat. What about the rain? Many camp activities are just as much fun under soggy skies! This group thoroughly enjoyed their rain-soaked game of Kwik Cricket!

So please keep us in your prayers as the temperatures rise, but know that plans are in place to keep campers hydrated, healthy and happy.

Beating the Heat at DuBois


When heat indexes reach into triple digits, you’ve got to adapt. Meteorologists suggest staying indoors and avoiding the sun, but we’re at camp! So what do you do? First round up extra fans and water jugs, then make sure plenty of frozen treats are on hand. Next, rework the schedule to avoid strenuous activities during the intense mid-day heat. Reserve the hottest times of the day for quieter activities in the shade or under big fans. Wet and wacky water games are a favorite as well. Add an hour-long “siesta” in the afternoon, and then campers are ready for evenings packed with fun.