Sixty Seconds of Solitude


Today’s edition of 60 Seconds of Solitude features amazing skies and reflections at DuBois Center. The video is a series of photographs taken by Aaron Fuchs and other camp friends. Summer is drawing to a close; teachers and students are heading back to their classrooms – wherever they might be. It seems an appropriate time to reflect on the vastness of God’s love, and to consider how we might reflect that love back to others. These are anxious times, but God is with walking with us. Try to sit back, relax your shoulders and breathe deeply. If you need a focus point for your quiet time, try Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Remember to look to the skies and all of God’s creation for guidance and inspiration.

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Beating the Heat at DuBois


When heat indexes reach into triple digits, you’ve got to adapt. Meteorologists suggest staying indoors and avoiding the sun, but we’re at camp! So what do you do? First round up extra fans and water jugs, then make sure plenty of frozen treats are on hand. Next, rework the schedule to avoid strenuous activities during the intense mid-day heat. Reserve the hottest times of the day for quieter activities in the shade or under big fans. Wet and wacky water games are a favorite as well. Add an hour-long “siesta” in the afternoon, and then campers are ready for evenings packed with fun.

Volunteers are the Heart of DuBois Center

heart hand

Volunteers are the heart of strong and healthy outdoor ministry programs. At DuBois Center, volunteers serve throughout the year on committees and teams, at the barn, in the office, on work projects, as retreat leaders and fund raisers.

During the summer, there are a variety of ways to be involved and make a difference in the lives of the young people we serve. Join us for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, a couple days during the week or a full session of camp – no matter what time you can give, know that it is a big help! Volunteers work hand in hand with paid summer staff to provide our fun, engaging and faith-filled program.

For more information contact DuBois Center at or 618-787-2202. Volunteer applications are available online and a list of summer volunteer opportunities can be found below.

Summer opportunities include:

– Cabin Counselor

– Chaplain

– Nurse

– Barn Helper

– Sunday Welcome Team

– Activity Specialist

– Photographer